Serabi Gold (SRB, SBI) - “Miraculous” Q2 Results

July 23, 2020

Interview with Michael Hodgson, CEO of Gold-Producer Serabi Gold (LSE: SRB, TSX: SBI)


Our latest update with Brazilian gold-producer, Serabi Gold. Gold has been on a bull run, but Brazil has struggled more than most to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19. Exploration has been curtailed for now, but plenty is on the horizon and it looks exciting for gold investors.


Serabi Gold should be able to finance its exploration from cash flow, and its strong cash position can be used for a variety of strategic purposes. It currently awaits its mining permit for Coringa before gold production can really get moving.


Average grade is down and total mined production is down, but only slightly, and both for logical reasons. The new ore sorter could completely alter Serabi Gold's value proposition once it is fully integrated into the entire Serabi Gold production process. Promising times are on the horizon for this gold player.


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