Largo Resources (LGO) - Vanadium Innovators Sitting on a Throne of Cash

July 22, 2020

Interview with Paulo Misk, President & CEO of Largo Resources (TSX:LGO) 


Largo Resources is a vanadium miner, but since Misk became CEO in 2019, the company has decided to abandon its roots and is morphing into a clean tech solution provider. Why? Because it has the potential to rerate the company. Misk explains how.


The company is ramping up V2O5 production, alongside Tio2 Titanium Oxide (ilmenite - pigments sector) and Vanadium Trioxide (aerospace and Chemical industrial), which would eventually double to company's revenue whilst maintaining a high margin. We question Misk as to how he hopes to use the catalyst of removing Glencore as their trading partners to break in to new markets and capture more of the margin. Can they do it?


With c. US$200M of cash, Largo Resources will need to continue to innovate if it hopes to drive the share price up. It's been tracking gently upwards recently after months on the downward slope from its vanadium sport price highs of 2018 & Q1/19. Let's see what the rest of 2020 has to offer for Largo Resources and vanadium investors.

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