Cobalt Investors Eye Up Bottom of Market - #2 Joe Kaderavek

July 1, 2020

A conversation with Joe Kaderavek, CEO of Cobalt Explorer and Developer, Cobalt Blue Holdings (ASX: COB)

Some EV/battery metal commentators have spoken very bearishly about crushed EV demand in recent weeks. But, has COVID-19 actually been an accidental catalyst that has sped up a transition toward an EV dominant economy with more futuristic energy storage capacity? Kaderavek argues yes.

EV subsidies had been due to be phased out but are now being revisited, and the long-term picture EV picture is really starting to take shape. Cobalt investors should look at the long-term picture rather than focussing too much on short-term cobalt supply destruction and EV demand disruption. The long-term picture for cobalt and other battery metals appears to be very positive as China production and supply chains power through. Will the demand from the West match their ambitions.

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